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Some are keepers

Sometimes in life you must step back and review things. I often forget what a fantastic job I have dealing in antiques. We buy some fantastic pieces, look after and / or restore them and the wait for their new owner to buy them.

Sometimes we even have evidence of who owned the piece and its history.

This is an early 20th century 14k gold lady’s half hunter pocket watch, in good working order but with damage to the outer enamel where it was taken from and returned to a pocket. Of course, this detracts from the value, but it also reminds us that this was an instrument used many times a day.

Once the back is opened, we can see an inscription;

“Presented to Selina Wellstood in recognition of 11 years teaching in St Michael’s school Clifton Hampden Sep.29.1913.”

Selina lived to over 100, just imagine what she lived through, both World Wars, three Kings, one Queen, the invention of television, man on the moon, Penicillin the list goes on.

The watch is sat with me waiting for its new owner – some things are keepers and I can tell you, it will be a long wait.


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